Choosing the Right Water Rotary Joints: Factors to Consider

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Things to consider while choosing Water Rotary Joints

Rotary unions or rotary joints are popular mechanical devices. They are useful in transferring one type of liquid from one place to another. One of the examples is water rotary joints.

This typical device is used commonly in applications, such as in food processing units, chemical processing plants, and many other industrial facilities. Rotary unions are designed in such a manner that they allow a continuous flow of water from one point to another and at the same time, they provide a seal to prevent any leakage in the system.

In this system, water enters the unit from a supply line, and it gets transferred through a series of rotating seals. These seals are made from rubber or other materials, and they form a rotating barrier between the supply line and the output line.

When these seals rotate, water is allowed to pass through them, and at the output side, the water is directed to the output line.

These systems come in a variety of configurations and sizes. Two broad categories are electrical rotary union and mechanical rotary union.

Durability, sealing capacity, versatility, and ease of installation are the key features of water rotary joints.

Things to consider while choosing Water Rotary Joints

When choosing rotary joints water systems, you need to consider a few things.

Type of Material

An important aspect to consider in the rotary joint is the type of material to be transferred. Varied materials require diverse types of seals and other components to ensure a leak-free connection.

Size of the Rotating Union Joint

Another important aspect is in the size of the rotating union joint. The size of the joint has to be based on the size of the pipes that need to be connected.

Speed of Rotation

The speed of rotation is one more critical factor to consider when one chooses rotary joints. Different applications require different speeds of rotation.

The material you choose should be able to sustain the speed of rotation.

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Type of Application

The type of application is an aspect that is considered important when you pick a rotary union water system.

Different industries have different requirements for the types of liquids or gases that are to be transferred from one place to the other in industrial applications.

For example, a rotary union water system used in the food and beverage industry should be capable of handling high temperatures and sanitary processes.

Need for custom rotary union

In some cases, a custom rotary union may be required so that specific requirements of the application can be met.

Custom rotary unions are designed to meet specific requirements and can be made with different materials, seals, and other components.


Careful considerations are required while selecting the right rotary union water system. Aspects like types of rotary applications, type of material to be transferred, size of the rotating system, and the desired speed of rotation are some of them. In some cases, a custom rotary union may become mandatory to meet the specific requirements of your application.

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