What Role Do Multi Passage Rotary Unions Play in Optimizing Production Lines?

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What Role Do Multi Passage Rotary Unions Play in Optimizing Production Lines?

In an engineering setup, Multi Passage Rotary Union is used when more than one media is simultaneously used.

An MP rotary union offers multiple seals between stationary connections and rotating equipment. It could be a spindle, an index table, a clutch, or even a drum.

Since there are several independent passages, they permit the flow of one or multiple media into or out of the rotating equipment. The media could be fluid or powder, e.g., cutting or hydraulic fluid, inert gases, coolant, thermal oil, water, or air.

When electrical power, data, or signals are transferred along with the fluid, Multi Passage Rotary Union may include a through bore so that a slip ring can be accommodated. Even slip rings are directly integrated in some cases.

In some industrial applications, you want to transfer two, three, or more fluids (e.g. air and hydraulic oil) simultaneously, and they must not come into contact. In such a situation, rotary joints are the only practical solution.

Rotary unions manufacturers offer various types of joints that can fulfill the requirements and needs of engineering applications.

How they are made?

A multi-pass rotary union has a typical component of a rotary union. Examples are rotors, guides (or bearings), seals, and body and seal.

These components are integrated into the housing of the joint.

The joint is designed to offer separate passages for the transfer of various fluids. The fluids are separated by seals between the rotor and housing, and it is ensured that there is no leakage.

It is possible to handle up to 12 passages in one multi-pass rotary union joint.

How do multi-pass rotary unions optimize production lines?

Since rotating multi-passage joints rotate in both directions and the fluids can travel in any direction, they bring a great advantage in the production setup.

The types of fluids that can flow through the joint and the number of passages are limited by the size of the rotary joint only. By using separate channels, the joint allows a multidirectional flow of the fluid in any combination of directions.

Since rotary joints play such a crucial role, it is essential to choose the best-quality joint made by Rotary unions manufacturers.

When you select a rotary joint, it is important to see that it offers the highest possible performance. There are some components that feature a rotor made with a special heat treatment. Thus, the component guarantees a high strength of the sealing area.

When the rotor is mounted on a permanently lubricated ball bearing, you get smooth and vibration-free operation. Make sure that the seals are specially designed so that you get extraordinary durability. It reduces the probability of dry running.

Thus, we see that rotating multi-passage joints offer a distinct benefit in that they can rotate in both directions and the fluid can travel in any direction.

How many passages and the types of fluid can flow through them? It depends on the size of the rotary joint. Choose the top-quality joint to get maximum benefit in the production line.

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